Humans of San Diego



I’ve been working a lot lately, and two nights ago, I started feeling like I might take a baseball bat to my computer.  I needed to see another human being.  Another human being, that is, besides the man who digs recyclables out of my neighbors’ bin in the alleyway.

I love writing, but people who work from home are a lot like hibernating bears.  Or Golum from Lord of the Rings.  So I decided to take the morning off and take these street portraits.


Kelsey is the coolest, and simple activities that make her happy are writing poetry, playing the ukulele and tarot.

I think they’re so beautiful.



Every person in these pictures is a little world in and of themselves, and what I love about these photos is how they remind of us that.



The whole world is like a work of art and we’re the only ones who can comprehend that.  Animals can see like we see, but they don’t know when something is beautiful.  It’s like it was all made for us.


But we have to look at these things to know they’re beautiful.  We have to pay attention.

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