Six Billion Realities


As I drove through my parents’ neighborhood one afternoon, I asked myself questions about the families in the houses to my left and right.

What tragedies had befallen these people?  How much emotional baggage did these people carry?  Were they fighting?  Watching TV?  Were their families functional?  Did SSRIs sit in their medicine cabinets?  Were their kids normal?  What were the passions that gripped them?  What made their lives worth living?  I guess maybe these are questions writers ask themselves.

Still, it’s amazing, isn’t it?  Life and how vast it is?  How we are all so different, but we share so many of the same experiences?

As human beings, we share 99.99% of the same genetic material.  But, although we are not so different from one another, we live in a world which highlights our differences rather than our similarities.  We are brothers and sisters, yet, we walk through our days with a spirit of competition, violence, and antagonism.

Have you ever seen Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted talk “A stroke of insight”?  She is a neuroanatomist and one morning, a blood clot the size of a golf ball erupted in the left-hemisphere of her brain.  The left-hemisphere of the brain houses the engine for self-talk, so Dr. Bolte Taylor’s mind chatter – her self-talk – fell completely silent.  She experienced a deep inner peace, and she claims this state is accessible to all of us.  That it is “a thought away.”  In her near death experience, she claims she became one with “all that is.”

One thing is for sure: we are just visiting here.  We have limited time, and though this will never feel true for us until our lives are threatened or we lie on our deathbeds, we should live each moment like it is precious.  To live our lives rightly, we should live them from our right-hemispheres; the part of us that lives in the moment and interprets our world through our senses.  The one that allows us to feel connected to others.  Part of something.

Life is million miracles.  Each of us is guilty of getting caught up in our mind chatter.  In our bullshit.  But today, (Friday!) take pause.  Forget about your stressors, your self-talk, the weight of your day to day.  It’s all so beautiful, isn’t it?  Enjoy your time here.  It is finite.

One thought on “Six Billion Realities

  1. Excellent post.

    If your interested check out some of these:

    “Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near Death Experience.” Pim va Lommel MD.

    “To Heaven & Back,” is interesting my Mary Neal MD:

    “Proof of Heaven,” Eben Alexander MD

    I have no entrenched opinion one way or another. I just find the topic thought provoking and fascinating.

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