What is Your Calling?


Frozen fingers dangle my teabag closer into view: ‘All the answers you need to know lie within.’ Hmph.  Redundant.  Unoriginal.  I slap a C- rating upon my hot beverage’s spiritual advice; take a glance at my blue lips in the mirror, and jump in the shower.  After a 5:30 a.m. surf session during holiday season, the meaning of this message is lost on me.  Months later and facing summer – I understand.

Please take a moment to put on your “open-minded” hat, now.  Did you put it on?

Number one: you have a gift.  A God-given proficiency in something.  Number two:  something exists in the realm of the unseen which directs you towards honing these gifts – and by proxy – realizing your most fulfilling life.

Is it a full moon? Did we just take a detour towards Crazy Town?  Did all this new-age, happy literature finally throw Natalie Holtz over the edge?  Not necessarily.

Name this power God, the Great Creator, a Universe, a He/She it, Mother Nature, Spirit – pick your poison. And say – this force will aid you in obtaining whatever is you desire most from life. Your job is to pay attention to the signals.


With such information in tow, the question for all areas of life becomes, so what is my gift and how am I going to use it? ‘What makes my heart sing?’ These musings are at the foundation of a paramount question: What is your greatest desire for your life?

This question is not answerable in a sentence, nor is the answer readily available to you. The secret doesn’t exist at the surface of the ocean; it swims in the reefs below. When you get a glimpse at the elusive answer, you find belief in your wildest dreams.

Laying eyes on the Taj Mahal at sunrise? Totally. Writing a book? Piece of cake. Becoming rich? Squirrel-suiting? Why not? You can do that.

Getting to this place of fearlessness requires work and commitment; a hefty of helping of soul-searching; and an open mind. Figuring out who you are as you the person you dream yourself to be requires a little creativity.

In her book, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” Julia Cameron states that all of us are creative people, and creativity is the pathway to finding our purpose.

Our emotions are barraged by both joys and devastations of human life. Life is more akin to white water rafting, than it is floating on a lazy river. But while we are certain to encounter earth-shattering curveballs, our aim is to move beyond the negative and get to the other side. To live in positive, joyful states.  

The most-effective and lasting way to attain this ground is by using our in-born talents to give back to the world. We uncover our callings. Emerson hinted at this responsibility we all bear when he said, “That which lies behind us and that which lies before us, are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.”

Each of us has a critic in our minds. The hard work involves silencing this critic. Acknowledging the critic’s opinion, but giving it no weight.

Often, we are unaware of God’s homework for our lives. “How we do know what our gifts are?” Let me defer to Mr. Miyagi on this one.

Ben & Jerry’s and I watched “The Karate Kid” last night. Prior to last night, I was a “The Karate Kid” lily flower. I had never seen it. And let me just say: Best. Movie. Ever.

Remember the Bonzai tree scene? Did you love it as much as I did?

When Daniel asks if he can try trimming the Bonzai tree, Mr. Miyagi agrees. But first, Mr. Miyagi instructs Daniel to close his eyes, and envision how he wants the tree to look. He tells him to think, ‘Only tree’ and eliminate all other thoughts. Daniel finds his mind-picture, open his eyes, and Mr. Miyagi tells him to begin. Then Daniel asks, ‘How will I know if I’m trimming the right one [picture]?’ Mr. Miyagi responds, ‘If it comes from within you, it is always the right one.’

Today, allow yourself to believe that your instincts, the little voices that steer you towards a particular path, are divinely-inspired. Listen close.

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