Humans of San Diego: Happy February 14th

A cutie in Bird Rock...

A cutie in Bird Rock…

...and her camera-shy sister.

…and her camera-shy sister.

Today, is a day set aside for love.  24 hours of romance.  But I think that in the Hallmark frenzy, people forget that there are all types of love, not just love that exists in a romantic relationship between two people.  If today is the day of love, I’d argue we shouldn’t forget about all the different colors of love, we should think about and celebrate the varieties.  We should think about the types of love our society has put shackles on.  I think it’s important not to forget the most important kind of love: self-love.




It takes great courage and love to uncover buried dreams, and today provides a great opportunity to look back at your life journey with affection and understanding.

Once there was a little girl who dreamed of growing up and becoming a novelist.  Once she wrote she wanted to be a “Human Rights Activist” in the 5th grade yearbook.  We were going to change the world, remember?  But over the years, we piled dirt on our dreams.  Layers of missteps, doubt, missed opportunities, bitter failures, bad timing, and botched efforts hid our dreams from view. It takes courage to go back there, to look at dying dreams. But, as Amelia Earhart said, “Courage is the price that Life extracts for granting peace.”




“This is Kolohe Andino’s board. He’s ranked 9th in the world for surfing,”


“I take photos of strangers on the street.”
“Why? I mean, no offense, but you have to admit that’s sort of a strange thing to do.”


"Nice to meet you, Nat."

“Nice to meet you, Nat.”



Don’t be a “would-be-if-I-could-be,” a “could-be-if-I-would-be,” just be.  Today is a day for just being.  Today is a day for being with your loved ones and calling forth dreams you abandoned long ago.  The embers of your dreams are still glowing in your soul.  See them in your mind’s eye and hold them in your heart.  Happy February 14th!

Thank you, humans, for your photos.  If you’d like me to email you the photos, you can contact me at:

3 thoughts on “Humans of San Diego: Happy February 14th

  1. Love your posts. I agree about the many form of love. My dad, your gpa, was worried about my bad tires and wanted to let me know he wanted to send me money for new tires. He had the home call Judy to let me know to call dad. I got to talk to him. I was again reminded how lucky I am for his love and I’ll always be his little girl.

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