Kelly Rae Roberts: A Possibilitarian


Kelly Rae Roberts makes millions doing something she’d do for free.


This woman is the under dog prototype.  She’s your classic heroine.  She realized my bravest dream: she does purposeful work and she loves it.  I don’t know about you, but this is certainly a topic that crops up in my mind.  She’s one of my biggest heroes because she did exactly, er sort of exactly, what I want to do.


At 30, Kelly left her career as a social worker to make a living as a full-time artist.  She recorded the below when she quit her 9 to 5:

“my instinct says this is a good and smart decision. for me. it’s part of saying YES to an artful living and it’ll allow me to continue saying yes to art projects and opportunities without the craziness of a seemingly dual life with scheduling conflicts…i’m moving on with dreams big and wide and deep with meaning.  another leap. feels damn good the more i settle into the knowing that one small step leads to another one..and here i am. my heart feels big with gratitude. dreams are real. and possible.     


“Dreams deep with meaning.”  I love that.

The question with dreaming about these things becomes, should you dream more and allow yourself to believe in greater things?  We’re always on the cusp of taking that leap of faith, straddling the line between a tension of two opposites.  Security and certainty on one end, uncertainty, insecurity and dreams on the other.  But, from what I’ve read, if there’s one thing us humans hate, it’s the unknown.  Even if our deepest aspirations for ourselves are waiting at the other side, we might be too afraid to trust that they’ll work out for us.  We’re too frightened to trust what we don’t know, we’d rather feel secure.

beacy girl and boy

Despite all that, following our intuition may be the hardest thing to learn, but for me at least, for all of us, it may be the most important.


Ms. Roberts trusted her intuition, she let it nudge her towards the person she was born to be.  Her true self.  And yes, I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books, but I really believe there’s an authentic self, and you can lose touch with that sometimes.


Do you ever get heart-fluttering ideas that seemingly come out of nowhere?   Do the stars ever align when you’re doing something that speaks to you?  As Kelly says, “dreams are real” and maybe our intuition is the key to realizing them.

2 thoughts on “Kelly Rae Roberts: A Possibilitarian

  1. OMG! My friend and I were just discussing this very same concept yesterday. It seems that this is a theme that is trying to get our attention. I guess it is time to actualize the Big Dreams!!!

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