A Project Update | What I’ve Learned So Far


Stickers for the diet, not smoking cigarettes, and writing down things I’m grateful for.

Downing espresso at dinnertime forces a person to pause: “Coffee after 5?  What am I, in law school?”

Four months ago, reading and my inner tube waterpolo games were my most significant work week concerns.  Now, I am frequently shocked by the things I think about. Like…

Surfing in costumes on holidays.  I dated someone who is a talented surfer, and is Irish.  An excellent surfing leprechaun he would make.  But alas, we are no longer dating, and I’ve wondered how to broach this subject.  Can we still be friends?  Want to make a lot of people smile?

There’s also a logistical problem with Valentine’s Day: having a torn achilles prevents me from surfing in the heart costume I ordered on Amazon.  I am, however, working on an emergency heart transplant that might come through.

Taking pictures of strangers as an invalid is more challenging.  I’ve decided HOSD will happen every other Thursday until I can walk again.

As seen at Starbucks

As seen at Starbucks


Chalking on the sidewalks, is still doable.  I drove to my old street and chalked a few on Sunday:


“What were you thinking”/”this is a waste of time” thoughts arise, but I’ve found I can step around those by refocusing on the goal of the project: to make me a better, happier person.


Everything falls into place when I do things only because I want to do them.


It makes me happy when other people tell me they enjoyed something I wrote, or that I made them feel better.  Doing something that serves a purpose, that makes someone else happy, is the best feeling I’ve known, and it was totally foreign to me four months ago.

In sum, I’m happier.  And I’ve learned a lot.

The best by-product of three months of happiness experimenting?  Realizing I’m much stronger than I thought I was.

Dale Carnegie wrote: “Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.”  My now?  Sleep.  My eventually?  Do a good job at this.

So yeah, it’s 12:19 and I’m tired.  But if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it big, right?

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