GirlScouts, Indian Princesses, and 5 Tips for Friendship


What I’m rocking these days

Every Tuesday is Just the Tip Tuesday.  This Tuesday?  5 tips for boosting your current friendships and making new ones.

As a little girl, I found Indian Princesses to be cooler than GirlScouts in almost every way.

Okay.  Every way.

Did you do Indian Guides?  Is this a Southern California-thing? (P.S. I feel a little uncomfortable using the word “Indian,” but that’s what it was called, so…)

Reasons Why Indian Princesses was Better Than GirlScouts

1. You got to pick your own Indian name.  I chose Little Eagle.  My Dad shunned originality and chose Big Eagle in response.

2. Dads did camping trips better than the Moms.  In GirlScouts, the Moms were ever-present.  Planned activities were the way of it.  On Dad trips, I can’t remember seeing my Dad much at all.  The Navajo children were basically left to their devices, and it was awesome.  

Around the campfire, the dads would break out the Jack Daniels, cigars, and playing cards.  Whenever I discovered my Dad had lit up a cigar, I would run up to him and snatch the cigar out of his mouth.  That must have been annoying.

*3.  My little girl self liked the whole “tribe” thing.  Telling someone, “I’m in the Navajo tribe,” just sounds better than “I’m in troop #8385.”  When you’re in a tribe, you’re really part of something.  The word “tribe,” hints at “for life.”  “Troop” v. “tribe.”  No contest.

4.  Selling GirlScout cookies was terrible.  It’s scary competitive (200 boxes+, really?), it’s humiliating, and I didn’t keep the money.   

5.  You could stop doing Indian Princesses any time you liked (without peer pressure to keep you in it). 

6.  You didn’t have to do anything in Indian Princesses.  Anything you didn’t want to do, anyway.    

I always preferred tribes to troops.  And, I smile at the realization that, 16 some-odd years after leaving Indian Princesses, I’ve found myself part of a real tribe.




It’s my close group of friends from high school with a dash of mentor and a 1/2 cup of co-worker.


They’ve supported me through good and bad, and I want to say how thankful I am for them.


One great thing about friends, and the great thing about this group of people, is that there’s a variety.  There are all types of characters who act as different types of friends.  Each one brings out a different part of you.

And we need that.

Make no mistake, your friends determine who you are more than you think.  And one of the things I am most thankful for is a group of friends that, at an individual level, is just so stellar.

15265_10100428274092198_1386128256_n photo-363


They’re my tribe.  My home-base.  But, as GirlScouts would say, it’s important to “make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver, and the other is gold.”  It’s great thing to be able to sustain your relationships with your old friends, but it’s also helpful to have friends based on common interests.  So…

1.   Find a mentor.

2.  Connect with like-minded people.  What are you into?  Golf, photography, dance?  Branch out and meet people with similar interests.  Join a group.  Ever heard of Vavi? is great for this, but if you sign up, WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t sign up for email updates.

3.  Set a goal.  Not into groups?  Make a goal to have coffee with one new friend this month.  If you write it down, it greatly increases your chances of actually doing it…

4.  Nurture the friendships you have.  We should value the friends we have and keep in touch with them.  We should spend more time together, and laugh with each other, try to see the funny side of things.  For me, this means, time management, making more time for friends.

5.  Take a moment to appreciate those who are there for you.  Sometimes, when I’m having a hard day, I think, “Well, so and so believes in me, so I have that going for me.”  Or, “_____ said this the other day, he’s such a great friend.”  Thinking about others’ support not only helps you feel grateful for that person, but it helps you see yourself as others see you.  

Happy Tuesday.

11 thoughts on “GirlScouts, Indian Princesses, and 5 Tips for Friendship

  1. I loved Indian Princesses! Honestly? If there were such a thing for mid-20’s daughters and their dads, I’d do it today in a heartbeat (and you’d be in my tribe). We could make moccasins together!

    • You, Jon Jon and I should start the first co-ed tribe. We’ll call it, Sanshmosurf, or something. We’ll hit up Michael’s for beading materials, it will be great.

  2. Indian Princesses was the best. Getting to run around and climb huge rocks with no supervision when we were camping. Yelling Nimway and having our dads swing us into the circle at the end of every meeting. It was the girls only version of playgroup

    • Nimway was the best! I tried to look up the meaning online and couldn’t find it anywhere, haha. What was your Indian name? Thanks for reading, hope all is great on your end!!!

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