Humans of San Diego

Photo by Humans of New York

Photo by Humans of New York

Humans of New York (HONY) is a photography blog featuring artistic street portraits of people taken in NYC.

A man named Brandon Stanton started this blog in November 2010, and since then, he’s taken over 5,000 portraits of people, big and small.

He moved to New York and started doing this after quitting a three-year stint as a bond trader in Chicago.  He committed himself, hit the streets of New York City, and took photos of New Yorkers everyday.

Now, he has over 470,000 followers on Facebook.  Not to mention, he makes money doing what he loves.  Priceless?

The blog started in New York City, but following it’s rise in popularity, Humans of… started popping up in metropolitan cities across the nation and the world.  There is now a Humans of Tel Aviv/Tehran/Oslow/San Francisco/XYZ/You Name It.

The images run the gamut: a drag queen who dropped her change on a windy day, to a precious kindergardener pushing a stroller with a baby in it.

One thing the images have in common: they are exquisitely beautiful.  Okay, two things.  The photographer also knows what he’s doing, and he’s practiced.  At least 5,000 times.  Below are a few photos from the blog…




You should really check out the blog out if you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting:

My friend Megan told me about HONY on Saturday.  She thought it might be a good idea for my blog.

The following morning, I made the trek to Best Buy, the only store that carries cameras and is open on a Sunday.  I spent this much on a new camera:


Mind you, I am basically a secretary, not Hugh Hefner.

Humans of San Diego is worth the cash for the following reasons:

I’m a beauty-seeker.  If this camera helps me to open my eyes to the beauty of the every day and share it with others, I’ll be Hugh Hefner a 100 times over, no matter how scary my savings account may look.

Secondly, taking these photos will allow me to get a glimpse at the lives and personalities of strangers.  Beautiful and fascinating?  Check and check. 

Thirdly, I meet people.  I have to walk up to people and ask them if it’s okay to take their picture.  I took a couple creeper photos, but I felt weird and I am pretty sure it’s illegal.  Through HOSD, I’ll be abiding by a happiness commandment of mine: #13.  Talk to strangers. 

It would be a flat-out lie to say I’m a good photographer.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  It took me 20 minutes to decipher the mechanics of the camera and learn how to turn the flash off.

However, if my Dad can make himself into a great harmonica player in one and one half years through YouTube videos and dedication to practice, I can make myself into a great photographer through the same methods.  This is my new idea, and I love it.  There’s no down side.  Except maybe less free time, which isn’t really a down side.

So, once my bank account recovers from the Best Buy trauma, it’s time to sign up for a photography class.  I’ll hit the streets every weekend I’m in town, and I’m excited to see how my images improve.

I’m already getting into it.  I saw a guy walking down the street with a parrot on his shoulder, and I didn’t have my camera.  I sped dangerously home, grabbed my camera, and started driving up and down the streets looking for this guy with the parrot.  Creepy?

Every Thursday from now on, I’ll post my Humans of San Diego photos from the week prior.

The best of my first images are below, don’t judge them too harshly.





A non-human...just this once.

A non-human…just this once.





4 thoughts on “Humans of San Diego

  1. Wow. This is so cool! I’m looking forward to the beautiful snapshots you’ll be capturing in the next few months.

    What camera did you end up getting? I’ve been thinking about making the leap myself but don’t really know much either. Thank goodness for YouTube!


    • 🙂 Thanks, girl!! I ended up getting a Nikon DSLR3200. I got a lens for portraits and a telephoto lens. Thanks so much for your help, again. Let’s go to dinner soon!

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