Dream Big

Every Tuesday is “Just the Tip” Tuesday.  Today: five tips for dreaming the big dreams.


What would you do if you could not fail?  This is a bittersweet question for most of us.  For although, undoubtedly this question conjures all sorts of beautiful imaginations in our minds, those hopes and aspirations are followed close behind by the “yeah-buts.”

No one said that dreaming the big dreams is an easy undertaking.  But I believe with my whole heart that we need big dreams, that they’re necessary to living a fulfilling life.

I also believe that the work, faith, and courage required for our big dreams lead us to greater payoffs than making safe decisions could ever lead us to.

Below are five tips to help you start tackling those dreams, one baby step at a time.

– Ask yourself if the obstacles to your dreams can be circumnavigated.  Are the obstacles genuine?  There are big dreams and then there are straight-up stupid decisions.  Determining what the motivation is behind your decision (fear-based or love-based) can help you decide if it really is something you’re wanting.

– Think of the things you would do if there were no nay-sayers.  There’s powerlessness in being afraid of what people would think if we acted as we wanted.  Stop caring what other people think (including your parents).

– Don’t make choices based on fear.  Some psychologists believe all human emotion can be divided into two categories: fear (aversion) and love (attraction).  As humans, almost every decision we make, we base on fear.  Fear-based choices are safe ones: they insist on certainty.  To make a choice based on happiness, you have to be able to accept a degree of uncertainty.  I guarantee you it will pay off.  Remember that haircut you didn’t want to get that ended up looking great on you?  Or that study abroad program that seemed unnerving?  And hey, even if your dream doesn’t pan out, you’ll land on your feet and will be better off because of your experience.  A bit of good news, the choices rooted in happiness are more enduring.

Allow yourself to have your wildly impractical goals.  All goals were not created equal.  The wildly impossible goals aren’t ones you think up.  They are ideas, projects, dreams that seemingly come out of nowhere.  They will seem impossible… almost, and that “almost” is very important.  Because although there undoubtedly will be obstacles and an ungodly amount of work involved, your dream is within the realm of probability.  First step?  Write down that insane, over-the-top dream.  Writing down your goals greatly increases your chances of actually achieving them.            

– Treat yourself kindly.  To make your greatest wishes come true, developing an unconditional friendship with yourself in a pre requisite.  You have to create the conditions that will allow your dreams to unfold, and that means believing in yourself.  I know this from experience, and from being saturated in self-help books and magazines for the past four months.


5 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. I’ve found that making decisions based on fear – not giving in to the fear, but facing it – have led to some great experiences.
    And the biggest obstacles are the ones we throw in front of ourselves.

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