How to Be Happier – Five Easy Tips


Every Tuesday is “Just the Tip” Tuesday.  This Tuesday: five of my favorite basic happiness boosters.  


I’ve been reading about happiness pretty much non-stop since October.  Below are five of my favorite happy strategies to date.       

#1. Realize that happiness is choice.  You can decide to be happy each day. 

#2. Practice gratitude for the little things in life that are free.  Unsolicited refills at a restaurant, stranger-to-stranger high fives, and finding out your roommate is going on vacation for two weeks, come to mind for me. 

#3. Remember that happiness is contagious.  If you make someone else smile, those good feelings will boomerang back to you.  One of the best ways to make yourself happy, is to make others happy.  

#4. Give away some courage.  Encourage others to do the hard thing, whatever it may be.  Whether it’s taking a professional risk, or trying out for a dance company, by telling another person to believe in their dreams you will tap into an unending source of happiness. 

#5. Believe that everything happens for a reason.  Letting go, putting your doubts and fears on the table (if only for a moment), will lead the way to happiness. 


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