2012 in the Rearview: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself


Today, the Cardiff Kook went “Kookie Monster” (pictured), the sun is shining, the waves are fun, and the skies are clear. I surfed closer to dolphins this morning than I ever have.  A school headed right towards me which naturally, made me a little uneasy.  I could see scars on their skin from boat propellers.  I heard them breathing, clearing the water from their blowholes.   I almost touched one with outstretched fingers.  No matter how many times I see these creatures, I am always amazed.

You hear chatter between surfers, chatter of all kinds.  There are the “groms,” the little kids, who often live so close, that they cross the street to surf by themselves.  Most of the time, these kids don’t say a word to anyone.  There’s a high school surf team I see a lot, and they always have their coach with them.  Those kids are always flirting with each other or talking shit about someone.  Groups of Baby Boomers meet in the mornings on the weekends, and I overhear them talk about how their kids are doing, how business is, and how their wives are.


Today is a good day to evaluate the past year of your life.  It’s helpful to give some thought as to how far you’ve come; some thought as to how you need to change; and lastly, it’s important to acknowledge your successes.  So here we go, below is a guide to looking back at 2012 in the rearview mirror.

(Three things for each, I suggest writing them down)

What worked?  What didn’t? 

What are you most proud of from this year?  Least proud of?  


Surfing supplies: three types of sunscreen, wax, and water

What were the 10 best things that happened to you this year?  The ten worst?  

What goals did you start out with that you have accomplished?  How did you accomplish them?  On the flip side, were there any goals you didn’t accomplish.  Why?

If you could do something differently from the past year, what would it be?

One year from now, what would your ideal day look like?  How would you be different: emotionally, physically, professionally, personally, spiritually?  Who would be with?  Would you have found a significant other?  Would you be without your current significant other?  What would you be wearing?  What car would you be driving?  Where would you be?  What would you be doing?  You’re the artist, you get to design your days.  What would be your perfect day a year from now?

Today is a good day to think about how to improve your life, but it’s also a great day to recognize your successes.  Don’t discount them.  Really give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished, for the person you’ve become.  We tend to be so hard on ourselves, measuring ourselves against others.  But really, in the end, the amount of money you have, the career you’ve chosen, the material things you’ve acquired, none of it matters.  What matters is how you lived your life.  Did you live it to the fullest?  How often were you happy?  Who did you help?  Whose life did you change?  What was your character like?  Not your personality, but your character.  Maybe most importantly, who did you love?  How deeply did you love them?  Friends, family, strangers… how did you love in your life?


My plans are up in the air tonight, and honestly, I don’t really care.  Pathetic?  I think I have the flu, and I probably shouldn’t have surfed today, but it was SO worth it.  Happy New Year, everyone.  I’ll post tomorrow about resolutions, see you in 2013.


7 thoughts on “2012 in the Rearview: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Last year, on 1 Jan, I was able to get out (in a 7mm wetsuit, gloves, boots and hood) and lie on the water on my board.
    Not so much this year.
    But I’d love for my year to have at least a few moments like that.

    Have a great year, Natalie!

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