Nightmares Before Christmas


My Dad, Aunt Judy, Grandpa

Natalie:  Dad?

Dad:  Yeah, honey?

Natalie:  Aunt BJ said Grandpa told her he’s been talking to angels.  You know, at the home…

Dad:  He has dementia, honey.  He’s not in his right mind anymore.  Speaking of which, he’s back in the hospital, I may be flying to Vegas tonight.

Well, shit.

I call bullshit on this Christmas.  Tim Burton, where you at?  This Christmas would be the most un-Christmas-like Christmas I’ve ever lived through, if I had not had a nervous breakdown Christmas 09.’  That Christmas wins.

There’s a pall over Christmas this year that affects us all.  What happened in Connecticut stays with me.  My Grandpa broke his hip in October, he went back to the hospital tonight.  If you break your hip in your senior years, you’ve got about a year.  In sum, my Grandpa is dying.

Also, you probably should book a trip to the Taj Majal, get a lazy susan loaded with all the drugs you’ve never tried, or call that one person and tell them how you really feel, because on Friday, the Apocalypse (not Santa) is coming to town.  I sound like the Grinch right now, but on the contrary.  I propose we do as the Whos do.  I propose we do what they did when their Christmas crumbled at the hands of the Grinch.  I propose we band together and connect with one another.  That we try to put as much good back into world as that person in Connecticut took out.

My sisters are coming home and they have no idea what’s coming.  I bought three Christmas-related costumes in anticipation of a group surf sesh last month.  But we’ve had some crappy surfing weather, and all my surfing santas and reindeers are now busy with their holidays.  The silver lining?  There are three Holtz girls and three costumes.  An elf, reindeer and Santa dancing on a street corner with IPODs in?  I think so.

Here’s what I propose:

If you do one of the following things, or plan to do one of the following things, like this post (FB or WordPress).

– Talk to a stranger: Compliment a stranger/Spark a conversation with one;

– Buy a stranger’s coffee at Starbucks; or

– Give out “Free Hugs” (Nina and Kimmy get readdddyy).

How great would it be, if all 60 visitors to this blog, did one of the above things?  Part of the reason I write these things is because I want to live in a better world.  Even if it’s just a little bit better.  It’s Christmas.  Christmas is about love and joy, right?   We need a lot more of those two things, no doubt about it.

10 thoughts on “Nightmares Before Christmas

  1. Good ideas for the whole year, not just the holidays.
    Living in a tourist mecca (nyc), I have plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with strangers.
    Of course, those are often along the lines of “Move it, jackass!!!”, but I can try to be nicer…I suppose…

  2. OK, I’m in. I’ll see whose life I can brighten today, as opposed to being a little, shall we say, bitchy and impatient! And do not tell me the surf’s bad, with hubs unexpectedly coming home tonight, all I’m gonna hear about is the surf he missed! I’m really sorry about your grandpa

  3. Not feeling so Christmasy either. All of the doom and gloom has kinda gotten to me. actually am a bit nervous going to work. Not sure if I am really safe beign a teacher. I worry for my students too.
    On a good note…Gpa is feeling better though…Nathan lost another friend in Florida and is there right now for the funeral.
    I feel that it is enough this year to just send out love…love to all and be thankful for each day.
    I helped a woman who was trying to lift a bag of dog food, but who was using a cane to walk. She was surprised and thankful for the help. I try daily to say kind words to others, even strangers. It is really fun to see their reactions because they are not use to having a stranger be kind. That is sort of sad though. We should be use to it as a norm of society. To give aid to others often with no expectations.

  4. Thanks for the great comment. I love what you said about sending out love and being thankful, I think we easily forget, but those are two quickfire ways to be happy. We really are expected to leave others alone, not speak to strangers, so I get all kinds of reactions when I try. I complimented this woman on her sweater the other day and she just laughed. She didn’t say anything. I like meeting people who are quick to spark up a conversation though or lend a hand, not everyone is like that.

  5. Hi Nat, because of your suggestion and in lew of Christmas presents…LOL…I went out yesterday to complete some random acts of kindness. First, I went to a local coffee shop, It’s a Grind, here in Temecula. I went in and bought $26 of coffee for those who came in behind me. Partly in memory of the 26 souls that lost their young lives a week ago. I then went to Henry’s and bought bags of food for our local food pantry. (I have pictures of the people who rang up the orders. Just don’t know how to send them to you yet. Tee Hee)
    Next, I went to a Pizza Hut, and bought pizza for a few customers. I told the manager to tell the customers that it was a gift from a Secret Santa. Then I went to a Starbucks and ask the customer in front of me if I could buy her a coffee. She said, “Yes” that would be great. Can I buy you a Danish?” As I was paying for her coffee, I bought 2 more gift cards. When I was done with the transaction, I turned around and gave a card to the man behind me and said, “Merry Christmas!” He had the best response ever.” Really? This has never happened to me before.” in his Australian accent. I have only been in the country for 10 days!” I replied, “Well, welcome to America!” He then said, “God bless you.” Wow! That was really great! What an awesome experience to help make others feel special.
    Finally, I went outside the shop and a woman was getting out of her car. I said, “Are you going into Starbucks?” She nodded, “Why yes.” I handed her a card and said, “Merry Christmas.” She didn’t know what to do. She started towards me as if she was going to give me a hug and stopped. She said, “Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.”
    Nat, what a wonderful day I had. I really needed it. With all the sadness going on around us with Gpa, the Newton shootings, and now Nathan’s friend in Florida, it really truly gave they season meaning to surprise others with a gift. Thank you for your blog. It helps me to feel connected. Merry Christmas sweetie. You are a beautiful, intelligent, and caring young woman. Love ya, Aunt BJ.

    • :*) Haha, wow! You did SO many things!! Thank you so much, this is the best Christmas gift ever. Thanks also for sharing your comment, I appreciate it more than you know. Love you, and see you soon!!! xoxo

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