Kid Wisdom

“We should abolish the word ‘childish’ as it is associated with irresponsibility and irrational thinking…Who’s to say that certain types of irrational thinking aren’t exactly what the world needs?  Maybe you have had grand plans before, but stopped yourself thinking, “Uh, that’s impossible.”  Or, “That costs too much.”  Or, “That won’t benefit me.”  For better or worse, we kids aren’t hampered as much when it comes to thinking about reasons not to do things.  Kids can be full of inspiring aspirations and hopeful thinking…How many of you [adults] still dream like that and believe in the possibilities?  We kids still dream about perfection.  And that’s a good thing, because in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first.  In many ways, our audacity to imagine helps push the boundaries of impossibility…I think adults should start learning from kids.”  Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids,

N: What’s your name?

D: Danica!

N: And how old are you?

D:  Six!

N:  Mmmk.  So here are the questions: what’s the most awesome thing you did today?

D:  Nothing!


N:  That’s a good one, I like that.  What’s your favorite word right now?

D:  Crazy!!


N:  At what age is a person an adult, would you say?  At what age is a person a grown-up?

D:  22 and 21 and 23.


N:  How come?

D:  Because when you’re that age, you’re just SUPER TALL!

N:  You’re super tan?

D: No!!!!  You’re super tall!!


N:  That makes more sense.  What do you think happens when you get grown up?

D:  You have to work a lot and have to have too much paper that you have to sign at work.

N:  Do you think that adults seem sad?

D:  Hmm hmm.

N:  Why?

D:  Because they had a rough day.  They had to sign SO much paper.

N:  That’s true.  That’s sort of true.

(I laugh)

D:  Like, I didn’t know that.

(I’m laughing)

N:  Do you think there’s good things about being an adult? 

D:  I know one good thing. 

N:  Yeah?  What’s that?

D:  That you get to have a kid and you get to play with them. 

N:  Yeahhh, that’s true.  So, you want to be a mom one day?

D: Eh eh (shakes her head.)  Because you have to go pregnant and you have to go, “Eeeeh oooh.  Eeeeh oooh.  Eeeeh oooh.”   (Lamaze breathing/arm gestures)


N:  That part isn’t fun.  Definitely.  What’s your favorite game right now?

D:  Bingo.  I won this on Bingo!  (Holds up a little polar bear)

N:  What’s your favorite food?

D:  Noodles.

N:  If you could swap places with anyone in the world right now, who would it be? 

D:  Me!


N:  Do you have dreams?  Like, what do you want to be when you grow up? 

D:  Me!

N:  Good one.  That’s a good one.  What is a dream? 

D:  Being in the future and having fun. 

N: And… do you know what success means?

D:  Eh, eh.

N:  Okay.  I’ll ask you about that when you’re a little older.

D:  What does it mean?

N:  It means… doing good in your life.

D:  It does?

N:  So like, people’s work, and their kids, their… everything they do in their lives.  That’s what success is.  Is there anything hard about being a kid?

D:  Nah.  Arguing.


N: What do you think is beyond the stars? 

D:  A rainbow! A rainbow. 

N:  If you could choose a new name for yourself, what would it be?

D:  Sun Star.  That’s my nickname.

N:  Cool, who calls you that?  Kids at school?

D:  Me!

N:  If you were an animal what animal would you be?

D:  Unicorn.


N:  Why?

D:  Because they’re magical.  All I know about unicorns is that they’re magical.

N:  They are magical.  I would be a unicorn, too, I think.  Those are pretty cool.  So, do you have any crushes on boys right now?

D:  NO!!!!!!  OF COURSE I DON’T!!!


N: Well, what do you think people do on dates when they get older?

D:  After they go on dates, they get married.  That’s all. 


N:  That’s true.  So what do you think falling in love is like?

D:  I have no idea.


N:  Touche.  What do you think happens after we die?

D:  We go in heaven and turn into beautiful angels.


N:  What do you think heaven is like?

D:  Float-ey.

N:  Float-ey?  Yeah, definitely.  It’s probably pretty there, too.  Tell me the best five things about you.

D:  That I’m funny… and… I have lots of friends… and I have good parents… and I have no idea.  I only  have three things…  Hmm… I have a good pet.

N:  Mhmm…

D:  But he died.

N:   Aww, oh no.

D:  I had two pets.  Johnny… he died.  And then Gato… he died.

N:  I’m sorry.

D:  Actually, I had three that died.  Actually, four.  Yeah, it’s four.  Grandpa.  And I used to have a fish, named John, and he died.  And I had a cat named John, and then he died.  And then Gato died.  I got so many pets and then they died.  The end.

N:  Maybe you should get a new pet?

D:  I got a baby pet, too, and I hope he doesn’t die.  Because the big fish are like, biting him.

N:  Yeah, that can be a problem.

D:  We saw a bite mark on him, he got bit by the big fish.  Now it’s pay back time.  The little fish is eating the medium fish’s tail.


N:  The next question is: do you think you’re a good friend?

D:  Uh huh.

N:  What makes a good friend?

D:  A good friend is kind, respectful and friendship-ey.

N: Great answers!  What’s the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?

D:  Helping.

N:  How did they help you?

D:  Playing!  Building sandcastles, too!

N:  What’s your favorite place in the world?

D:  Disneyland!

N:  Yeah, me too.  If you could pick one of these three things: Being the prettiest girl in the world, one; being a genius, two; or be famous for doing something great, three, which would you be?



N:  Me too.  If you could make one invention that would help people, everyone in the world, what would it be?

D:  How many questions do you have left?


N:  I have a lot, huh?  Alright, let’s narrow it down.  If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?

D:  (All sinister-like) I would steal.


N:  No you wouldn’ttt.  Why is your family special?

D:  Because I’ll show you…

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